What’s the deal with #lost on twitter?

I’ve seen a question come up on twitter several times lately and I’ve answered them, but thought maybe I should share it here as well.  It has to do with some of the twitter syntax you might see.  This particular one is the # or hashtag.

There’s a whole backstory on the hashtag but don’t worry about it. What people do is use the hashtag with a phrase like #lost in order to ‘tag’ your tweet.  This way anyone can do a search for it and find everyone’s tweets tagged like that.

For example, many people will tag their tweet for the show LOST as #lost. Now all you have to do is do a twitter search for #lost and you’ll see all the tweets tagged about the show.

Now Twitter is integrating search into the main profile of Twitter to make it even easier to track:
One really interesting thing about this new service is after you do the search, Twitter will give you a list of twitter accounts that match the search term sorted by most followed.  Pretty slick way to find the others!

And of course while you’re searching Twitter for #lost, don’t forget to check out @lostsoup while you’re at it!

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