Living in Hawaii

I’ve been to Hawaii but never lived there. Apparently life there is a bit, uh, well, you’ll see…

First to show you what it’s like to live in Hawaii is a sketch from SNL called “Hawaiian Hotel” 

Okay, so that was from a comedy TV show. What about an account from a real guy who acts on a TV show? Jorge Garcia plays Hurley on LOST and since they film in Hawaii, Jorge lives in Hawaii and blogs about it. And what happend last night?

Hello, Police? There’s a Man in our Tree.

Thank you Honolulu PD for getting the guy out. 

The officer couldn’t resist saying that perhaps he was “Lost.”

He seemed to be pretty wasted (the guy, not the cop).

So maybe Hawaii is a great place to visit, but not a great place to live?

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  • Rob: You’re saying this based on a skit about tourism and an incident that could happen anywhere? Swing by my Hawaii Blog for more “inside” stuff!
    Actually I wouldn’t live anywhere else at this point. Aloha!

  • rob

    my post was in jest