Juliet is gonna die

I think Juliet Burke is going to die on LOST soon. I just feel it.

I have always liked her character. I trusted her when we first met her when Jack was being held captive. I think she’s always wanted to help the Losties and and fight Ben. Mostly she just wants to go home.

But I don’t think it’s going to happen.  

She now has a relationship with Sawyer that is a bit estranged now that Kate is back. Jack won’t make a move if he thinks she’s still kinda with Sawyer.  So I think her story is pretty much done.  I don’t see her being entirely useful in the current story.  Maybe she’ll be able to provide a couple of helpful details to help our Losties, but then I think she’ll croak.  It’ll be sad and tragic.

I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see her going into Season 6. Do you?

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  • Oh I still think she still is useful to the storyline. Like I picture Juliet defending young Ben from being harassed by the other losties, so much that he develops a crush on her, so that in the future someone says to Juliet (was it Amelia I forgot) that she reminds Ben of her. And the twist is the ‘her’ is ‘her’. (Ben’s attraction to Juliet seemed like a school boy crush.)

    Also wonder if they will skip back in time again and the Egyptian statue will end up being of her especially if its a goddess of fertility.

  • rob

    @Andy – man that’s some theorizing! With LOST almost anything is possible I guess. They always seem to have a nice twist in there all the time. I guess what I’m thinking is that I can see a strong story for her to die tragically soon. Just a gut feeling. I hope not. I like her character a lot, but she does seem to not always fit just right.

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