Ben’s #LOST lists

Remember when we were introduced to Ben and the Others when they saw Oceanic 815 crash? I think it was the beginning of Season 3? Anyway, Ben wanted to get lists of the survivors. I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied with the reason he did it (to find who’s good and bad).

But I just had an idea — with all this crazy time travel, what if Ben remembered the names of some of the people he met as a kid in Dharma and the purpose of the lists was to see if he recognized the names?

That would be funky – that all his life on Island LOST he carried with him the names of folks he met as a kid whom he knew were ‘different’ somehow because they were the time-skippers! So when the plane crashed, he got names, checked the list, then made his plans.

Well, it’s a thought anyway.

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