Phatdippin’ – Swimming With Clothes On

When I was a swim team coach our swim meets were on Thursday summer nights. We usually only had one practice on Friday and that was in the morning. It was always more relaxed and fun.

But I decided to do something none of my coaches ever allowed us to do – swim with their clothes on!

The funny thing is that the kids loved it – and they actually got a kinda decent workout (for a Friday practice). Of course throught the practice most took their sweats, shoes, and pants off (suits required underneath!), but they loved it.

It was a fun motivator for them to come, built some team community, and allowed for some individual expression.  Of course most of all it was just fun.

I hadn’t thought about that in a long time until I saw this crazy video from the Rhett&Link: Blog.

YouTube – Phatdippin’ Rap

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