Island LOST has 3 Teams Now

Going along with my LOST Trinity theory to explain how Island LOST manifests itself, I’m realizing, especially after last night, there there are now 3 groups or “Teams” on the Island.

Last night we met Bram off-island for the first time. We got to know a little about him last week when he was helping Ilana start a ‘takeover’ with a huge stash of guns (they were on the Ajira Airways Flight 316 that crashed on the island). In both scenes, they each asked a person not in their group, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”. 

So of course this makes me (not just me) wonder who are they and what are they up to? The reference to the statue makes us think of the Anubis statue and the ties to perhaps an ancient Island LOST people. 

What what I’m really suspecting now is that they are part of a new group in play for the Island.  You see, it’s always been Ben vs Charles, Jack vs Locke, etc. But what if the “shadow statue people” are the new (old) group in town? Maybe the Island Trinity had it’s people living there until the outside world got involved.

Think of it with this analogy:  The “shadow statue people” are like Native Americans while Ben v Charles are like the British v US Colonies in the Revolutionary War (it’s not important which side is which). In other words, two groups of people fighting over land that both think it’s theirs because they found it and took it from the people who already lived there.  Imagine the US Native Americans rising up during the Revolutionary War to fight both the US and Britains. I think that’s where we might just be going.

My Island LOST Trinity Theory

As everyone who follows this blog knows I love the show LOST – I have an entire LOST category dedicated to it! Not only that, you probably know I created a LOST blog called LOST soup that aggregates what I think is the best material online about the show (sometimes I add a few items straight to the Soup – and the LOST soup Twitter is auto-updated from the Soup as well).

I find myself reading and thinking a lot about the show. I’ve recently come up with a theory that might just explain Island LOST and I’m not sure if I’ve read it elsewhere or if this is mine.  Either way, I wanted to share it with you here. I’ve explained it to a couple of people IRL and they like it.

I think there is a trinity in which the Island LOST manifests itself.  

It’s not a 0ne-for-one metaphor as the Christian Holy Trinity, but I think it borrows from it. Here’s the three…

There is an Island LOST “Father” that manifests itself in different human forms.


To our knowledge, it first made itself known as Jacob. Now it’s Christian. Either way, it’s a way the island can interact with whomever he seems to want to interact but in mysterious ways. He appears wherever and whenever he wants to and he certainly has authority on the island.

There is also an Island LOST “Son” that manifests itself as Richard


The guy never ages but has physical human form that can not only interact, but can physically touch people (unlike how Jacob/Christian seem to allude the physical – remember Christian told Locke he couldn’t help him up when Locke fell into the room with the Frozen Donkey Wheel?).  He doesn’t seem to report to any human on the island and it seems that at least one of his roles is to select the next leader of the Others (Charles, Ben, Lcoke). I read somewhere when the Dali Lama dies, there’s a guy whose purpose is to find the next Dali Lama. He’s a powerful guy, but not the “man in charge”.  I think Richard is something like this.

There is also an Island LOST “Spirit” manifested as the Smoke Monster (aka Smokey).  


He’s a guard on the Island and roams about doing things we don’t fully understand yet (like killing and brainwashing for starters)! No matter what, it’s clear that Smokey “works” for the Island if not part of the Island itself.

I don’t know how all this plays out in the end-game, but I’ve been thinking about these three characters on the show and just feel like they are connected in some way but with different roles/purposes. The writers of the show borrow from culture and religion all the time so I think this theory isn’t a stretch.  

What do you think?

See, I told you I think about the show a lot!

Thanks to Lost…Stuff for the images.

PSA: BBQ is a Food

Since it’s almost summer, I felt the need to put this Public Service Announcement out again:

Barbaque (aka: BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Que) is a food (smoked pork butt), not a thing you do (if you’re cooking hot dogs, you’re grilling) despite what wikipedia says.

Here in Orlando, the best place for BBQ is Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ. You’ll know a good BBQ place in the south because they’ll use a happy or dancing pig in the logo.

Although I’m from South Carolina, I don’t like my sauce mustard-based. In each Southern State BBQ uses different sauces (unless you’re from Texas and you don’t eat the pig, you eat the cow)!

This video explains it better than I can.

YouTube – The BBQ Song

Make your own pulled pork the Alton Brown way:

Hulu – Pulled Pork from Alton Brown

Or join the Facebook Group Barbecue Is Something You Eat, Not Something You Do.

But please,if you use a grill you are grilling. If you’re eating smoked pork, now you may use the term barbaque.

Time Travel gets me LOST

I’ve never been a fan of time travel story lines. It probably because I think about it too much. I over analyze it.

And I just don’t get it.  I can’t keep it straight.

Although that’s the general rule, there are exceptions to time travel stories that I like. Back To The Future and LOST are two of those examples where I enjoy it.  Although it doesn’t mean I fully get it.

That’s why it was fun watching Hurley try and figure out the time travel on LOST in a conversation with Miles.  I love that Hurley has kind of been the audience proxy in LOST – always asking the questions we’re asking too!

YouTube – LOST 5×11 – Hurley talks about the effects of time travel with Miles and Kate

YouTube – Lost 5×11 – Hurey and Miles Talk Time Travel