Quick thoughts on LOST finale

I haven’t had a lot of time to process it all, but wow! what a finale!  Loved it.  Some quick thoughts about it all…

  • So from the beginning, it seems there are 2 ‘gods’ on Island LOST. Jacob is the ‘good god’ dressed in white, an unnamed god dressed in black. From the beginning the god in black has wanted to kill Jacob but can’t. In order to do so, he has to find a loophole in the ‘rules’ I suppose.  So he finally figured it out when dead Locke crash landed on the Island.
  • The “shadow others” are aligned with Richard who are all aligned with Jacob (there is no 3rd team). Don’t know why they came to the island, but once there, they needed to “out” the god in black by exposing the loophole he found. Which I guess means that the real others of the island are Jacob’s followers. Frank could be a candidate to join the others – to be a ‘convert’ so to speak.
  • Back to the opening scene where Jacob and the other ‘god’ were talking…I suspect that the first time Jacob brought people to the island was the Black Rock. My hunch is Richard was on the ship (maybe the captain) and Jacob decided to keep him around. The god in black said bringing people to the island would be trouble. Jacob didn’t care and that anything that happens is progress. I can really see the split in these two guys, and they talked as if they were above people — that’s where I’m getting this god analogy.
  • Ben was right: “dead is dead”. Just ask the shadow others.
  • The scene where Ben confronts Jacob so reminded me of when Job confronted God after all the hell he went through and God’s reply put Job in his place. Jacob similarly did the same thing when he said “what about you”?
  • We won’t see Rose, Bernard, or Vincent again. Their story is over.
  • It was sad to see Juliet die, but I called it. I wish I was wrong, but she died just like Jack in the movie Titanic. Her story is over. When they got off the sub and she looked back, she knew it was over. She’s never going home. It was at that point I think her fate was sealed.
  • Off-island, Jacob physically touched the ones he wanted to come to the island.
  • Knowing more about Jacob now, I don’t know how Christian Shepherd fits into the island mystery.
  • I have no idea where we’re going to go from here. The end flashed to white instead of black (did you notice?). Could that be an indication that things are back to good? Next season can go anywhere. But I can’t wait!
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  • bob

    “We won’t see Rose, Bernard, or Vincent again. Their story is over.”

    -wrong – the producers have already confirmed that vincent will see it through to the end of the series.

  • Good post Rob. And you did call Juliet’s demise. Tragic but great scene.

    My theory on Christian is, like Locke, his dead body was inhabited by the black god (as you call him). We don’t know if he really spoke for Jacob or not. And Alana reveals in this episode that someone else was using the cabin. Not sure why Christian’s body would not have been the loophole. Maybe the ‘black god’ needed to a body of someone who would become the leader of the others and/or convince someone else to murder Jacob.

    Questions I have…
    * Was Ben’s daughter really the ‘black god’ too – manipulating the future scenario where Ben obeys Locke and not Jacob?
    * Is the smoke monster the ‘black god”?
    * Does this mean Locke was really never special? As Richard says in this episode, he never has shown himself special off the island. Seems the only real leading he has demonstrated if when the ‘black god’ has taken over.
    * Did Jacob bring Locke back to life in this episode when he touched him after the fall? And if so, why?
    * Do the main characters survive this incident and continue to live in 1977 or are they now in a loop? On one hand we see Chang’s arm get crushed and we know in videos he has a prosthetic arm. But then the preview shows Jack’s eye opening again (or so it seems).

  • rob

    Great questions. Bottom line, I have no idea! But that’s what makes it so great. I’m starting to think now that perhaps the named god dressed in black (who some online are saying should be named Esau (Jacob and Esau)) has always had the ability to ‘possess’ any corpse. I think the only on-island human apparition would have been “Dave” the guy Hurley saw, but he’s crazy although Jacob said he wasn’t. Everyone else had a corpse on the island — I think. So maybe that’s part of what the god in black does? Could he be Smokey? I guess maybe. Or perhaps Smokey and this guy work together?

    So if it was the god in black as Alex telling Ben to follow Locke, that would have been the loophole. Locke couldn’t kill Jacob since the god in black WAS Locke, so he would trick Ben into doing it. In other words, a human would have to kill Jacob. That would line up and make sense. Maybe his search for the loophole was always to find a way to kill Jacob. I really think that opening dialog is crucial to the overall story of the island.

    Good point about Locke never being special as Richard thought. Could just be the island healed Locke on day 1 just like it healed other people. Nothing special. But even before all this, he seemed to have a connection with the island. Season 1 Smokey pulled Locke almost down a hole and he said he looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful. Who knows? But it does make you wonder then about Ms. Hawking saying dead Locke needs to go back as a proxy. Could she be in with the god in black? Where does Widmore fit in all of this?

    Jacob certainly picked Locke to come to the island just like Sun, Jin, Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer. No idea why. It was interesting that, as far as we know, Jacob only convinced Hurley to go to the island the 2nd time, the others he just interacted with all before the 1st crash.

    As for what’s next? The issue to me is this: is “whatever happened, happened” true or not, and what are the implications? Too many scenarios to think about after the Incident. Seems like Chang, Radinski, etc will continue on up to the Purge. But my guess is our Losties (Jack and crew) zap back to where they belong in present day. But on island? Off island? The slate is clean and wide open. That’s what makes this show so interesting!