Our House is for Sale

For Sale SignWell the day has finally come. Actually it came last week, but nonetheless, our house is officially on the market.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for quite some time but it’s been slowly moving downhill for most of it. We’re now at that point where we have to put this in motion and see where we end up.

We still continue to serve clients through Orangejack LLC and we both continue to look for full-time work (Rob’s resume, Patricia’s resume) in Orlando, Greenville, SC, and Northern Virginia. We have family in SC and VA so we can move in with them to start right away if needed. And of course there’s always a chance of finding a full-time job here and then we can take the house off the market. And I can take my business with me anywhere since it’s Internet-based. If the house sells quickly, we’ll move to the DC area right away. It’s like a race to see what huge thing happens first.

But we need stability. We can’t continue at our current pace.

The tough part about selling a house in this economy is that our house is competing against those that went through foreclosure and short sales. It’s not fair to us who have kept up the house and never missed a payment, but our house is worth less because other houses are being sold for 10’s of thousands of dollars less. They are our competition.

So if you know anyone looking to move to the Orlando area, pass this along to them. It’s a great house in a great location.

You can find more information about the listing of the house at the Orangejack Mall.

Front of our house for sale
Front of the House

Back of our house for sale
Backyard / Conservation Area

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  • I know this is a hard time decision — and a hard time. You’re in our prayers.

  • Leah

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been praying for you guys. I know the hardships that you have been going through. When I was six months pregnant Graham was fired and then he hurt his back at his new job two weeks into that job, ever since it has been a rollercoster for us and being on mat leave, I wasn’t making a lot. But God has taken care of us and allowed me to get my full year with Karis, what I wanted the most. I will be going back to Truthmedia in a month and both Graham and I are excited about the stability that you talk about. One thing this experience has accomplished is it has made Graham, Karis and I a stronger unit, a stronger family. Cling to your family and to God because in the end a house is a house but a home is where your family is.