Hurricane 2009 Season Begins Today

hurricane_jeanneI’ve been fascinated with hurricanes for a long time.  I don’t know what it is about these storms, but they fascinate me.  I have a very healthy respect for them and know the seriousness of these storms.

That’s why last August I created the Hurricane Room on FriendFeed to serve as a comprehensive yet useful resource for hurricane information.  The site automatically imports updates live from various sources that I’ve found reliable.  Here’s the list of what is currently imported:


It’s my opinion that these are some of the best resources to keep tabs on tropical storm updates in a live river of news.  You’ll see live updates from the National Hurricane Center, official tips and help from the Red Cross, and some weather expert opinions all regularly feeding into the room.  These are sources that I trust to be relevant and valuable.  There are other great sites to track storms but do not publish updates that can be imported like these.  I encourage you to keep your eye on those sites as well.  Here’s a list of some I pay attention to as well.

I would like to encourage you to do one or more of the following regarding the Hurricane Room on FriendFeed:

  • Bookmark or save the web address and check in every so often
  • Share the site with friends and on social networks — especially those who could be effected by these storms
  • Join the Hurricane Room by joining FriendFeed. Doing so effectively turns the site into a discussion board for you where you can comment on any post or create your own
  • Subscribe the the room’s RSS feed. Be warned though, this can get loaded up quickly during a storm!

I just want to provide a way to help us all be aware and be safe. Watch and join the FriendFeed Hurricane Room.

Below is the best chart I’ve seen that tries to capture the strength and damage predicted for hurricane categories (click it for a larger view)


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