Black and White Shoes Important on LOST?

There’s a bunch of folks going back and watching all of the episodes of LOST before the final season starts in January.  I’m not one of them.  Don’t have the time – plus I’d rather wait until it’s all over and marathon the entire series. And I (and you) can cherry pick the interesting nuggets by following the LOST soup.

Many of the rewatchers are blogging and I found this bit very interesting from Get LOST with JOpinionated:

Continuing with the prevalent Black and White theme that has permeated Lost since the beginning…we must now ponder the two pairs of Christian’s shoes that seemingly play a very symbolic and noteworthy role in the entire series. Jack placed white tennis shoes on his father in the coffin before Flight 815, and he placed his father’s black shoes on Locke in the coffin before Flight 316. Given Jacob in his white frock vs. Mystery Man/Not-Locke in his black frock

So Jack gave Christian Shepherd white shoes in the coffin while Jack gave Locke black shoes in the coffin.  Could it be that Jacob, the ‘god in white’ has been using Christian’s body on the island while the ‘god in black’ has been using Lock’s?

Well we know the latter is true, so what about the former?  And does the color connection give us the tip of who’s doing what?

Fun to ponder. Don’t be shocked if subtle clues like this are intentional in this show.

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  • Heidi

    Only the funeral suit wearing Christian is wearing the white shoes. When Christian is wearing other clothes, I don’t recall if we’ve seen his shoes, but I am betting they are no longer white. Not my original idea, one I’ve seen on a blog, but Christian’s body was used by both the black and the white side it seems.

  • rob

    The whole thing is crazy and mind-blowing!