Hey! It’s Jacob and What’s His Name

Jacob and the other guy

Hey look!  It’s Jacob and ol’ what’s his name! So what is his name? The show didn’t tell us, but the fans have come up with a lot of names for him.  Here’s some I’ve found. What names am I missing? Leave a comment…

  • Jacob’s enemy
  • Jacob’s nemesis
  • Not-Jacob
  • Un-Jacob
  • Anti-Jacob or AJ
  • Not-Locke
  • Un-Locke
  • Fake Locke or Flocke
  • Mystery Man or MM
  • Esau (as in Jacob and Easu)
  • Samuel (casting call name used)
  • Man in black (Johnny Cash? Heh heh!)
  • The god in black (my name for him)
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