Fermented Things

One day a while back I was bored and curious and on Wikipedia. You never know where that’s going to lead.

For some reason I ended up learning about fermentation. There’s some complexity to fermentation, but I think I got it boiled down to this formula/process:

Carbohydrates + Yeast + Time = Alcohol
Overcoming alcohol addiction in style

I found it interesting that if you add yeast to almost any carb and give it time, you’ll get alcohol.  Check out this real basic list of what kind of alcohol you can end up with when you start with different carbs (or read this list like this: “when you ferment this carb it can yield this alcohol”):

  • Apple yields Hard Cider
  • Barley yields Beer
  • Corn yields Whiskey
  • Grape yields Wine
  • Potato yields Vodka
  • Rice yields  Sake
  • Soy Beans yields Soy Sauce
  • Sugar yields Rum

Of course there are different kinds of alcohols for each carb because depending on the variety of the carb (ex: different kinds of grapes) plus variations in the fermentation process yeilds different alcohols.

I dunno, just found it interesting.

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