Arrested Development Chicken Dance

This is the funniest running gag I’ve ever seen. It comes from the show Arrested Development. In season one, Gob did a ‘chicken dance’ that got them arrested in Mexico. His impression of a chicken is not even close. Throughout the seasons, each family member also had their own ‘chicken dance’ and again, none were even close to what a real chicken acts like.

This clip is the family doing their own version of a chicken as their way of calling Michael a chicken.

Lessons I’m learning on Craigslist

craigslist-logoI’ve been using Craigslist for several months in different ways – most of the time monitoring for job openings. But this week I’ve been using it to sell a bunch of stuff and it’s been interesting.  Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far…

First off, there are a lot of people out there trying to game/spam people. I saw the same ad with different headlines over and over.

And have you seen the list of things you are prohibited to sell on Craigslist? Makes me wonder if that list was mostly proactive or reactive. I hope it was a creative mind to be proactive, but I fear it wasn’t.

One of the things I couldn’t figure out is how many ads I can post in a day.  Seems the limit is around 8. I found out because I have several items to sell and I know the best way to do it is to put them one-by-one in the appropriate categories. However, I couldn’t get everything up there. Craigslist started saying the TV I was posting was too similar to the lamp I just posted. I get why the limits are there, but it stinks when I’m trying to be legit about it.

So I tried to post a list of everything in the Garage Sale/Moving Sale section. That got no traction at all.  I hoped people use search to find stuff — and maybe they do but they weren’t finding the list of items.  I know because hours later with no replies, I posted a couple of items one-by-one again and got a flurry of email inquiries right away.

So it certainly seems the best way to manage multi-postings is to spread it out over time and go one-by-one, categorizing them correctly instead of doing a list (a Craig’s List as it were? ironic)

I’m also using Flickr to keep a running photo gallery of what is available and that seems to work decently well to point people to. Any time we make a sale, I delete the photo from Flickr and ad from Craigslist.

Overall it’s pretty convinient. Most people come and pick up the stuff. Several just write to see if it’s still available and I never hear back. Not sure what that’s all about, but maybe you’re one who does this. Would love to know what the motivation is.

We’ve sold some of our stuff so that’s cool. It’s a lot less work than a yard sale, but this seems to be better for items worth something, not just a dime.

What are some of your lessons learned from using Craigslist either as a buyer or seller?

Rob’s Place Relaunched

I took my personal blog offline last week to take care of some hosting and design changes. It’s back up and better than ever! Stop by and check it out. It’s built on the great Thesis Theme with minimal customizations.

One feature you may not notice for a while is that the photo on the top of the sidebar is one of a dozen of some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. Refresh the page or visit a new one and you should get a new pic.


Fireworks Stories

YouTube – Fireworks Song (High Quality Version)

If you think this video is a joke, well, it is mostly. But I’ve got similar stories (not all from July 4th – many come from New Years also)…

  • We rarely used a bottle for bottle rockets. My favorite was a 5-foot piece of round bamboo I used like a bazooka.
  • We would break the stick of a bottle rocket into a right angle and place it on the street. No one knew where it’d end up chasing you.
  • We would lauch bottle rockets from our hand by lighting them, playing chicken with the fuse, then tossing the rocket into the air timing it right so when it launched it would go up. The only things that would go wrong were if it turned and lanched straight back at you or if you waited too long (or had a short fuse) and it blew in your hand instead.
  • I remember climbing a tree to launch a few bottle rockets by hand from the top of the tree. It was all about how high we could get them.
  • I had a friend light a bottle rocket and stick it in the hood of another friend’s hooded sweatshirt. Freaked the guy out, rung his ears, and burned a hole in his hood.
  • My friend who lived behind us and I would have bottle rocket wars firing them into each other’s yards to see if we could hit each other. Instead we’d usually catch the innocent neighbor’s yards on fire. But we’d stomp them out quickly.

I’m sure I have more stories but just can’t think of them now.

Stay safe, peoples!  And be careful in the rural South. I’ll tell you what!

Get your website hosted cheap and good

I’m a fan and user of BlueHost as a website host and have set up several people up on them. Great support. Great product. I’m also an affiliate.

Today I found out (while setting up a friend with a website) they dropped their 3-year host plan, but right now the 12 and 24-month hosting packages are on sale for $4/mth!

This is a screen grab of part of the recipt after signing up my friend:


So if you’ve thought about switching to a self-hosted website (like, this is a great deal. And I wouldn’t tell you if I didn’t believe in it and use it myself.  I have no idea how long it’ll last.

If you do it, please use this link as I will get credit for the referral. Thanks.