Fireworks Stories

YouTube – Fireworks Song (High Quality Version)

If you think this video is a joke, well, it is mostly. But I’ve got similar stories (not all from July 4th – many come from New Years also)…

  • We rarely used a bottle for bottle rockets. My favorite was a 5-foot piece of round bamboo I used like a bazooka.
  • We would break the stick of a bottle rocket into a right angle and place it on the street. No one knew where it’d end up chasing you.
  • We would lauch bottle rockets from our hand by lighting them, playing chicken with the fuse, then tossing the rocket into the air timing it right so when it launched it would go up. The only things that would go wrong were if it turned and lanched straight back at you or if you waited too long (or had a short fuse) and it blew in your hand instead.
  • I remember climbing a tree to launch a few bottle rockets by hand from the top of the tree. It was all about how high we could get them.
  • I had a friend light a bottle rocket and stick it in the hood of another friend’s hooded sweatshirt. Freaked the guy out, rung his ears, and burned a hole in his hood.
  • My friend who lived behind us and I would have bottle rocket wars firing them into each other’s yards to see if we could hit each other. Instead we’d usually catch the innocent neighbor’s yards on fire. But we’d stomp them out quickly.

I’m sure I have more stories but just can’t think of them now.

Stay safe, peoples! ¬†And be careful in the rural South. I’ll tell you what!

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