My New Part Time Job

One of the ways I go about living life is put a lot of things into motion and see what happens. It’s based on a core belief I have that God shows us where He wants us by showing us the path as we move down it.

We knew our time in Orlando was probably limited so we put our house on the market trusting that if it sold, it’d be how we knew it was time to leave. The house sold within 2 months in a horrible home-selling market. So we moved.

For the last 18 months or so I’ve looked for new full-time work. In the meantime I decided to go for part-time jobs and open our small business Orangejack LLC.  If Orangejack takes off, that will be my full-time job. My first part-time job was in Orlando as a photographer at the Walt Disney World. Now that we’re in Virginia, I have a new part-time job in another industry I enjoy.


For the past couple weeks I’ve been going through Barista training at a local Starbucks.  Although it’s sometimes intimidating (there’s over 700 crazy combinations of drinks!), I work with a great crew and they are training me well.  It’s pretty fun too.  I’ve even learned a few off-the-menu drink names like the Red-eye (coffee with a shot of espresso), Black-eye (coffee with 2 shots of espresso), and a nifty afternoon sweet drink called the Black-and-white Americano (equal pumps of mocha and white chocolate in an Americano).

coffeeWhen I get there early in the mornings, I get the Red-eye to get me going and sometimes I have the Black-and-white Americano in the afternoon for a sweet pick-me-up.

I can freely admit that I have lost some sleep over my new job — but it wasn’t because I was worried!

This doesn’t mean that my networking, job hunt, or small business are on hold. It just means we have a bit more stability right now and I’m going to be more awake for everything else!

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