The ‘old blog’

Since I decided to bring back my personal blog, I’ve been debating what to do with the old stuff. I mean, this blog was active from July 2004 until October of 2009 with over 2700 posts and 3500 comments!

I decided to just leave it alone and pick up right where I left off.

One of the things you’ll notice that is different this time around is that I may not write as much as I used to write. Instead, I’m sharing what others have published more than sharing what I want to publish. I plan to attribute everything I find.

It’s gonna be a bumpy, weird ride, but it still should be fun. At least it will be to me! Ha! So if you want a daily email when I post something new, sign up. I don’t plan to automatically share this stuff on Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere else.

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