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Best Smile Ever!
What a great idea for an extension cord!
I'm baffled. Who made that mess?
One Sith, Two Sith, Blue Sith, Red Sith
Silly Rabbit, Knots are for Pooh!
If Heaven and Hell were in Western Europe...
This must have been taken in Santa Cruz, California
Just proof of what we all knew about Jack, Rose, the Titanic, and that plank of wood.
Just Say No to snorting Coke
This is the only proper occasion to use the phrase " receive an ass kicking"
The Snake Dance
Signs it's an election year

A couple of downright crazy music videos

We all love a great music video, right? Well, what about these?

First, thanks to the Mental Floss blog, I’ve now seen what might just be the craziest music video ever: Hall & Oats – “She’s Gone”. As they quote from their source:

Is Daryl Hall wearing high-heeled clogs and smoking a cigarette during the video (and at 1:37 — uh, aren’t you supposed to be lip synching or something)? Yep. Are they literally “paying” the devil to replace the woman by throwing fake money in the air every time they sing the lyric? Of course. Is John Oates wearing a tuxedo shirt with neither arms, sides, nor back? You bet! And does the devil then help him into a tuxedo jacket, and does that tuxedo jacket have flippers, and does Oates then rip off a wicked fake solo while holding the guitar in his flipper-clad hands? Yes, yes, yes, yes!


Next, thanks again to the Mental Floss blog, is an explanation about The Beatles – “I Am the Walrus”. In this case, the crazy is really in the song itself. So just who is the Walrus?

“Walrus is just saying a dream,” recalled John more than a decade after he composed it. “The words didn’t mean a lot. People draw so many conclusions, and it’s ridiculous. I’ve had tongue in cheek all along…It could have been ‘The pudding Basin’ for all I care. It’s not that serious.”

Heh! It kinda reminds me of another lyrically nonsensical song from Beck – “Loser”.

Dang My Name Is Common

I mean, I know it’s not a huge surprise, but dang…

  • There are 4,939,265 people in the U.S. with the first name Robert.
  • Statistically, ‘Robert’ is the 3rd most popular first name in the US.
  • There are 1,782,790 people in the U.S. with the last name Williams.
  • Statistically, ‘Williams’ is the 3rd most popular last name.
Logo There are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


More Sunday Funnies

While people in Mexico took to the streets to see the pope, this little dude took it upon himself to be the non-official opening act.
Does your shower work like this too?
Should have thought of a better password hint
I crack up every time I look at this photo
Mark Twain was a genius

Where I Came From

I’ve recently been trying to figure out just how far back can I can trace my family’s roots, especially with when and where they immigrated to the US. I’ve always said that my family has been American for so long that though we have European roots, we’re pretty much just American!

And now I can prove it!

I’ve been playing around on and have learned a lot about my fraternal line and some of it’s branches. Here’s the highlights…

I started on my fraternal grandparents and their trees. That gave me 4 surnames to trace: Williams and Blair are my grandfather’s parent’s names, along with Hollis and McFadden for my grandmother. Here’s the quick summary:

  • Williams – Wales to Virginia b/w 1615-1640
  • Blair – Ireland to South Carolina b/w 1812-1844
  • Hollis – England to Virginia b/w 1700-1728
  • McFadden – Ireland to South Carolina b/w 1731-1763

As I unpacked it more, it was pretty fun. The Williams’ left Wales and settled in Virginia b/w 1615-1640. They stayed in VA for 7 generations until likely the early 1800’s. In VA, they were in the area of current day Tappahannock, Culpepper, and Stafford. They left VA to live around Jefferson, GA for 4 generations. However, the dates are conflicting because there are also 4 generations in NC (mostly around Haywood) from early 1800’s until the early 1900’s when my Grandfather moved to SC. Before leaving Europe, I can trace 3 generations back to 1554, one in Wales and two in London.

On my Grandfather’s mother’s line, I have only traced 3 generations back. The Blair family left Ireland b/w 1812-1844 and settled in Charleston, SC then moved to York County, SC.

My Grandmother’s fraternal line left Surrey, England b/w 1700-1728 and settled in Fairfax, VA. They stayed in VA for 2 more generations then moved to Chester County, SC b/w 1755-1794. They stayed in SC for 4 more generations until my Great-Grandfather moved to York County, SC by the early 1900’s.

Her mother’s line can be traced back to leaving Antrim, Ireland (before it became Northern Ireland) b/w 1731-1763 and also settled in Chester County, SC for 8 generations.

So the summary is that of the 4 major lines of my fraternal grandparents, they all left what is now the UK, two of which settled in Colonial Virginia, one in Colonial South Carolina, and one in the State of South Carolina!

So there’s my proof. We were from the UK and some of the early settlements in VA and SC before the US was the US.

And I find that kinda cool.

Now to start tracing my maternal grandparent’s trees…


Space Shuttle in DC

Space Shuttle Discovery riding piggy-back over the Potomac River in Alexandria, VA

Today NASA’s OV-103, aka Space Shuttle Discovery was on it’s last flight mission. She was riding piggy-back on a Boeing 747 jet on her way to her retirement at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center in Northern Virginia (Chantilly, VA). The flight path took it from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, did a flyover at Dulles Airport, did 5 laps around downtown DC, then back to it’s landing at Dulles.

Luckily I was off today so I decided to head down to Old Town Alexandria on the Potomac River. Unfortunately I didn’t have the best information on it’s flight plans so she came in earlier than I expected. So on my way to Old Town, I made it as far as the intersection of Duke and Callahan at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. While sitting at that light, I saw her flying so nice and low, escorted by a fighter jet. I only had time for the one photo sticking my camera out the window.

If I had realized there would be 4 more laps I would have set up at the Memorial. Instead I turned around and headed back home to watch the rest of her flight on TV.

Living in Orlando for so many years, we got to not just see Discovery, but several others blast into space. It was always spectacular. We went out for a night launch in 1999 or 2000 as well as an afternoon launch in 2009. In the middle of those viewings, we saw it from our house many times. We even climbed up on the roof to watch it once! It was never less than spectacular. Oh, and the double sonic booms on her return would literally shake our house.

Space Shuttle Endeavor launching in 2009
Space Shuttle Endeavor

All of this reminds me of a video that has been making the rounds. It’s full of quotes from Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking about NASA…including this mind-blowing quote:

Do you realize that the $850 billion bank bailout — that sum of money — is greater than the entire 50-year running budget of NASA?

We’ve been fortunate to be a part of NASA’s Space Shuttle program for a decade living in Florida and now we got to witness with our own eyes the ending of NASA’s workhorse Space Shuttle Discovery here in DC.

UPDATE: Great video of the Shuttle flying over the Mall in DC made by Smithsonian Videos:

Somebody That I Used To Know cover

Seeing Goyte on SNL this weekend reminded me of this great and unique cover of the song by Walk Off The Earth…

That cover became so popular that they even made a parody of their cover!

The funny thing is that I was first exposed to this track from Goyte, not by Walk Off The Earth or even Goyte, but as a Dubstep remix by Bombs Away last September! (the track has since been removed from Soundcloud, but not from multiple copies on YouTube)

Some Sunday Funnies

I was hoping Angry Birds Space would be more like this.
I don't exactly think this is quite correct.
Poetry is so Bacon.
He provides his own laser sound effects.
So rude yet so punny.
Oh I see what you did there!
Doggie Breath
Turtleneck Truth
Locate the wolf, please
Clearly Sarah Palin isn't Parah Salin
Gas vs Wallet


They say a comic says funny things and a comedian says things funny. Here’s Michael Davis, a juggler.

Then there’s Lauge Benjaminsen who has a short juggling routine to Dubstep.

And Penn Jilette explains what happens if you’re juggling fire-lit torches and the worst possible scenario happens.