I tell people that one of my favorite genres of music right now is called Dubstep. Many respond, “what’s that?”  Okay, here we go…

I describe Dubstep as the next evolution of Techno/Hip-Hop/House/Club music. Major characteristics include a lot of deep, electronic bass, bass wobble, along with half-step and often syncopated rhythms that usually build in intensity to the song’s ‘drop’. If you need some help in understanding these characteristics, you can check out Wikipedia’s entry on Dubstep. Or if you’d rather, take a sample of these tracks below.

Now, I admit, I don’t like all of the stuff put out by Dubstep DJs. What I tend to gravitate toward more are the remixes where they take one song and remix it with a Dubstep vibe.  Ready?

The first Dubstep remix features the Doobie Brothers “Black Water”…

Doobie Brothers – Black Water (Love and Light Remix) by ThisSongSlaps.com

Ellie Goulding never sounded so great…

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (SubVibe Bootleg Remix) by SubVibe

Honestly, the best Dubstep remix with Katy Perry follows. Wait for the incredible drop around the 3 minute mark…
E.T. (KATFYR Dubstep Remix) by KATFYR

One of my favorite Dubstep tracks… [DUBSTEP] Jomekka – Dinosaurs Love 808s – Eighto [FREE] by Jomekka

And another original by Breath Carolina…
Blackout by Breathe Carolina (Paradigm Remix) by Dubstep.NET

I love the laid back vibe of this one… GRiZ – Wheres The Love? by ThisSongSlaps.com

Or perhaps you can relate to these kids reacting to dubstep (View the original)

And now for the video that truthfully introduced me to the entire genre of dubstep and the incredible dance moves of Marquese Scott and his dance trio “Remote Kontrol”…

Perhaps you saw Marquese on Ellen or his dance trio Remote Kontrol on ‘So You Think You Can Dance?

For some of the best Dubstep tracks available, keep your browser pointed to ThisSongSlaps.com or Dubstep.net.

Either way, Dubstep is here. I mean, people can even beatbox Dubstep! (here, here, here, and here (all worth an investigation))

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