A couple of downright crazy music videos

We all love a great music video, right? Well, what about these?

First, thanks to the Mental Floss blog, I’ve now seen what might just be the craziest music video ever: Hall & Oats – “She’s Gone”. As they quote from their source:

Is Daryl Hall wearing high-heeled clogs and smoking a cigarette during the video (and at 1:37 — uh, aren’t you supposed to be lip synching or something)? Yep. Are they literally “paying” the devil to replace the woman by throwing fake money in the air every time they sing the lyric? Of course. Is John Oates wearing a tuxedo shirt with neither arms, sides, nor back? You bet! And does the devil then help him into a tuxedo jacket, and does that tuxedo jacket have flippers, and does Oates then rip off a wicked fake solo while holding the guitar in his flipper-clad hands? Yes, yes, yes, yes!


Next, thanks again to the Mental Floss blog, is an explanation about The Beatles – “I Am the Walrus”. In this case, the crazy is really in the song itself. So just who is the Walrus?

“Walrus is just saying a dream,” recalled John more than a decade after he composed it. “The words didn’t mean a lot. People draw so many conclusions, and it’s ridiculous. I’ve had tongue in cheek all along…It could have been ‘The pudding Basin’ for all I care. It’s not that serious.”

Heh! It kinda reminds me of another lyrically nonsensical song from Beck – “Loser”.

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