iSalePrice for iPhone

iSalePrice for iPhone

My buddy, Blake at Viking Rick’s LLC, has just recently launched a pretty cool and free iPhone app that I wanted to share with you.

Ever been out shopping and you see a price for something and a sale sign that says it’s 20% off? If you’re great at mathing, you could figure out how much it costs in that noggin of yours. But then you see another item for a different price and a different sale offer. So you math that one out then add it to the previous sale price and now you know how much you’re gonna fork over at the register.

Or you could use iSalePrice and let it do all the heavy lifting for you. Simply pull up the app, type in your price, and scroll through the prepared sale percentages.

iSalePrice for iPhone

Once you have your sale price, stash it into the cart so you can price a few more items.

iSalePrice for iPhone Cart

Pretty slick, huh? Sure it’s simple and like I said, you could probably math your way through an entire sale section any time you felt like it, right? No? Okay then, head out and grab your copy of iSalePrice for the iPhone on iTunes.

I know it may seem like Blake is a nkotb (not to be confused with a former member of NKOTB) since there’s not a lot out there about this app, but he’s been a software developer since the late 1990’s (which included a stint working at Squidoo for Seth Godin). However, there is this review¬†already out there.

Shop smart.


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