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I’ve had my iPad 2 for about a year now and every time a friend gets one, or I find out a friend has one, we always compare our favorite apps. So I thought I might as well put together a post about what my favorite apps are as of this post.


Accuweather – They just updated the app and it’s really slick. Easy to get the current weather conditions, what it’ll be like hours and days from now. Nice radar as well.

Weather Channel – This has been my go-to weather app for a while but Accuweather (see above) is starting to replace it. – Do you like to chat? Do you use AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, Hyves, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo and/or VKontakte? This one simple app has you covered.

TuneIn Radio – Pretty slick in that you can listen to pretty much any radio station.

Flipboard – A beautiful and very functional way to consume your favorite news articles and even fun stuff too!

AP Mobile – Updated news from the Associated Press.

Google Search – Easiest way to search Google from an iPad.

Urbanspoon – Kinda like Yelp (see below) but only about local restaurants.

These apps you have to have an account somewhere else first, but if you do, the apps are worth it.

Feedly – Do you use Google Reader to keep up with websites? You should. If you do, Feedly ties right into it making it very easy and appealing to consume web subscriptions.

Watch ESPN – It’s ESPN. Sports. Done.

Netflix – If you stream Netflix, you can stream it on your iPad.

Yelp – Best way to find local businesses with user ratings. I use it all the time.

Evernote – Might just be the easiest app you could ever use to keep notes, webpages, attachments, just about anything.


Angry Birds – It’s Angry Birds! Best game around!

Pocket Informant HD – Looking for one app to pull together your calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes into once place? I paid $10 for this and I use it daily to let me know what I need to do every day. It’s almost like MS Outlook but without the email.

NOAA Weather Radio HD – It’s good to have a weather radio. This one sits on your iPad.

ASL Dictionary for iPad – Want to learn American Sign Language? This might be the best video dictionary available.

iMovie – If you make videos, this is a real simple yet fairly robust way to edit your videos and publish them on YouTube.

So what are some of your favorite iPad apps?

Oh! By the way, here’s a tip for you from a pretty young but accurate kid!

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  • Emery

    Great apps! I just upgraded to the new iPad from the second
    generation, and love using a lot of these apps you’ve mentioned; especially
    TuneIn Radio, UrbanSpoon and Angry Birds! One app I do have right now that I
    recommend putting in your ONLY IF YOU HAVE THEIR SERVICE ELSEWHERE category is Dish Remote Access.
    It works with a Sling Adapter and allows me to view all of my favorite shows
    from back home, live or recorded, on my phone anywhere I go in the world! It’s
    the app I use the most when I go away on business for my job at Dish or travel.
    Thanks for the read!