Unemployment Rate since 1980

There’s been a lot of talk about the current jobless rate and unemployment rate under President Obama. Here’s a chart of what the unemployment rate has been since 1980 when President Reagan (R) took office. Of note, in case you don’t remember, since then theĀ PresidentsĀ of the USA by year have been:

1980 – Ronald Reagan (R)
1988 – George Bush (R)
1992 – Bill Clinton (D)
2000 – George Bush (R)
2008 – Barak Obama (D)

Draw your own political conclusions.

Unemployment rate since 1980
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  • Gloria Chen

    You have Clinton listed as (R), he is (D).

  • heleo

    you misspelled barrack as barak

  • Guest

    Presidents take office the year AFTER they are elected. Bush was in office the entire year of 2008. More than half the rise in the curve from Bush to Obama rightly occurred under the Bush administration.

  • Guest

    President Reagan was elected in 1980 and took office in Jan 1981.