Luke Skywalker Lived Where I Live

This is possibly the best information I’ve ever discovered recently! And it totally makes sense. Ready?

Luke Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) attended Annandale High School. I currently live a few miles from this Northern Virginia High School. He attended but didn’t graduate from AHS (he graduated in LA but whatever) because his father was in the Navy.

THEREFORE: Luke Skywalker’s father was in the Navy (which of course TOTALLY makes sense — he had his own ship!). Anakin Skywalker had a ship in the Imperial “Navy” and his son attended a High School near to me geographically. Therefore, I totally understand the plight of Luke Skywalker. The poor guy was moved around constantly but he wasn’t really all that interesting until he became a Jedi. I guess that might have happened in LA, but I dunno.

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