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I’ve always been interested in language and it’s history. However, I’ve always hated grammar. But this past semester I took a Linguistics class and I found it fascinating! Therefore, following are links to articles all about crazy, fascinating facts about our Language…

First lets back up to when the land that we now call England (or even the UK)…

Before the 5th Century BC, the land that is currently the UK was pretty much controlled by the Romans. When the Romans withdrew, it was the Anglo-Saxons (German) that ruled the land until 1066 when William the Conqueror (French) became King. From 1066 until 1707…let’s just say it was a bit messy. It was the 1700’s when the United Kingdom became a political and influential region.

But today? Well the UK is still kinda complicated…

Even with the merging of countries into a United Kingdom, the language (thought to be Germanic but also possibly Scandinavian) currently used still needed a lot of development since it was influenced by so many sources! For example, here are 12 Letters That Didn’t Make the Alphabet.

We adopted words reluctantly. We adopted rules (such as ‘d’ in ‘doubt’ from others.

Even with the pruning, English is still difficult to learn:

But what does English sound like to others (at least Italian Adriano celentano back in the early ’70’s)?

One strategy for building a language is to borrow words from other languages. Here’s a few words not in English that probably should exist (especially ‘Zeg’!)

With all this said, there should be only one take-away — Grammar Matters!

…Not The End

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