Faith vs. Science


The great Albert Einstein once said…

Before God we are equally wise – equally foolish.


Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

I’ve always respected this view. Science is important to faith. I can believe in a God who has built this world by the governing principles of science. What does it gain if the Bible indicates the world is 6000 years old (while the Chinese say it’s less than 5000) and science says it’s almost 14 billion years old? Wow, that’s a huge difference!

Oh! And evolution…

The faithful need not be afraid. Sure, there are parts of evolution theory that just doesn’t make common sense (you mean one day the son of a fish figured out how to breath air?). But the survival of the fittest certainly does.

So what is claimed to be ‘Facts of Evolution’? Watch this…

And what does science say about the timeline?

Look, I’ll be honest here. The Theory of Evolution still needs some work. But with that said, there does seem to be evidence that there was a natural progression among certain species most likely defined by ‘the survival of the fittest’. It’s actually kinda logical that the best beasts mated with the best beasts to have an offspring of the next generation of best-er beasts.

But where is God in all of this? I dunno. It’s totally possible that He could create an Earth that appears to be many more thousands years old (this is reasonable though a strange strategy).

At the end of the day, what I hold on to most is that there is a God who is very interested in being interactive with us daily. However, He’s gone through a lot of actions to get to where we are now. To me, this makes sense. To you, maybe not. And I’m okay with that.

I believe that my God loves me, cares about how I live my life, and wants me to spend eternity with Him. That thought, however, has no negative reflection on any scientific theory that in my view makes complete sense…to me.

Yes, it’s confusing and frustrating. But it’s what I believe.

What about you?

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