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Layo on LeadershipLeadership is Influence

Influence depends on Trust

Trust is based on Character

Trustworthy Character = Integrity

Integrity is…

  • Telling the truth
  • Fulfilling your promises
  • Practicing what you say you believe

Thanks, Layo.

fear and creativity

Seth Godin wrote:

The enemy of creativity is fear.

…the enemy of fear is creativity.

I agree with this. As I’ve been thinking it over, I realize that the reason I haven’t been creative in the past is because of my own self-consciousness and fear of what I look like or what others will think.

I’m not so afraid now and that’s why I’ve been taking more photos, playing with this hobby of photography.

And creativity has helped me be less fearful. That and praise. But that’s another issue.


Tony Morgan has a list of 10 Easy Ways to Know You’re Not a Leader:

10 Easy Ways to Know You’re Not a Leader

  1. You’re waiting on a bigger staff and more money to accomplish your vision.
  2. You think you need to be in charge to have influence.
  3. You’re content.
  4. You tend to foster division instead of generating a helpful dialogue.
  5. You think you need to say something to be heard.
  6. You find it easier to blame others for your circumstances than to take responsibility for solutions.
  7. It’s been some time since you said, “I messed up.”
  8. You’re driven by the task instead of the relationships and the vision.
  9. Your dreams are so small, people think they can be achieved.
  10. No one is following you.


I got this definition from a seminar by the fine folks at the Church of the Customer.

Loyalty: the willingness of someone — a customer, an employee, a friend — to make an investment or personal sacrifice in order to strengthen the relationship.

I think that’s just a great definition.