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Jimmy Fallon loves to make Brian Williams rap

Brian Williams is Jimmy Fallon’s favorite rapper

Jimmy Fallon loves to splice NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ host Brian Williams into giving great rap performances. And they are hilarious!

My Faves

07.29.13 – Brian Williams Raps “Good Vibrations”

02.19.14 – Brian Williams Raps “Rapper’s Delight”

06.16.14 – Brian Williams Raps “Baby Got Back” (my personal favorite)

Brian Williams addresses these ‘sketches’ with Jimmy Fallon

04.22.14 – Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping — Part 1

04.22.14 – Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping — Part 2

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Best of Katy Perry Mashups

Katy PerryYou may or may not know that I recently went back to school to obtaine a certificate and another degree. But I digress…

While there a female student grabbed my iPad and started looking through my iTunes. She found a title named “Katy Perry – ET” and questioned my heterosexual male status (to this day I assume it was a joke, but I assume). That is until she found out it was a Dubstep remix/mashup. All of a sudden I wasn’t ‘weird’ but instead ‘cool’.

To this day I don’t fully get it, but I’m also twice her age so I chalk it up to either maturity or old-foggie-ness. Either way, I don’t care. I tend to like Ms. Perry no matter how she’s (re)mixed. I like what I like and I don’t care what you think! Because back in my day, we … (aw dagnabit!)

Below are some of my favorite KT mashups/remixes starting with my sexually orientated questioning remix that turns out to be one of my favorites anyway. Harumph! (oh I’m so old…I said ‘harumph’…but just wait for the drop before you judge me…)

Katy Perry – E.T. (KATFYR Dubstep Remix)

ILLifornia Gurls by dannhan

Katy Perry vs Lenny Kravitz – Wide Away by Flashard

Katy Perry vs. MIA – PaperRoar by lobsterdust

Tik Tok Gurls (Tik Tok – California Gurls Mashup) by Vitor Guastala

But my favorite? This.

Right Back to the One That Got Away (Katy Perry vs. Maxine Nightingale) by Tonight’s Mashup (DJ TM)

Extra Credit

Top Decade Defining Songs Complied by @watchmojo

I’ve recently run across a YouTube channel from and it’s made me happy. They, among other things, compiled the best songs per decade. How? The songs are “…a combination of the decade’s most commercially successful songs as well as the most influential records and the tracks that best reflect the period…”


The 1950’s

The 1960’s

The 1970’s

The 1980’s

The 1990’s

The 2000’s

I could watch this stuff all day and I love learning things like:

  • “Tutti Fruti” – The line “Tutti Fruti Oh Rudy” was originally “Tutti Fruti Big Booty” butt (oops) changed for censors
  • “Mrs. Robinson” was originally a tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “Born In The USA” was originally a tribute to Vietnam veterans
  • “Cry Me A River” was a breakup song by Justin Timberlake to Britney Spears
  • “I Walk The Line” – This is a side note but you can hear him hum before each stanza to help him get his cue. Listen closely. It’s really quite awesome!

So in this series, the 60 top 10’s for all decades mentioned in alphabetical (by first name) order are:

2Pac, ABBA, Aretha Franklin, Bee Gees, Beck, Beyonce, Bill Haley & His Comets, Blink-182, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Cyndi Lauper, Daft Punk, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Fats Domino, Fleetwood Mac, Gloria Gaynor, Gnarls Barkley, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Little Richard, Madonna, Metalica, Michael Jackson, Miriah Carey, Nirvana, Oasis, OutKast, Pink Floyd, Puff Daddy, Queen, Ray Charles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ritchie Valens, Run-D.M.C., Sex Pistols, Simon & Garfunkle, Stevie Wonder, U2, Van Halen…

…and the bands that start with ‘The’ that I never know how to organize…

The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Jimmi Hendrix Experience, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Who

…and honorable mentions going to:

50 Cent, AC/DC, Amy Winehouse, Backstreet Boys, Ben E. King, Bo Diddley, Bobby Darin, Buffalo Springfield, Blondie, Celine Dion, Coldplay, David Bowie, Don McLean, Eagles, Elton John, Fugees, Irena Cara, Jay-Z, Journey, Lynard Skynyrd, Marvin Gaye, MC Hammer, Prince and the Revolution, Ray Charles, R.E.M., Rihanna, Survivor, TLC, Tears for Fears, Vanilla Ice

…and again with the ‘The’ bands…

The Doors, The Everly Brothers, The Platters, The Ronettes, The White Stripes

Journey – Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

There’s a couple of things about this song and video that make it great. First, the video…

This may be the best blues song performed by a rock band ever.

Also, this was performed in either 1979 or 1980. The dress of the group was at least among the forerunners of the ‘hair bands’ of the ’80s’.

All together now…

Na na na na na, na na na na na….

Who Rapped First? Wham!?!?!?

Thanks to an article from The 5 Most Unintentionally Hilarious ’80s Music Videos, I’ve discovered a disturbing chronologically of rap music.

Wham! was a group from the early 1980s by a couple of Brits by the names of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. They are probably best known for their hit song “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” released in May of 1984. That was on the second album, “Make It Big”. But on their first album was a little ditty called “Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)” which was released in June of 1982. Here’s the video:

Okay, hold up. Let’s talk about the genre of ‘rapping‘:

Rapping can be traced back to its African roots. Centuries before hip hop music existed, the griots of West Africa were delivering stories rhythmically, over drums and sparse instrumentation. Such connections have been acknowledged by many modern artists, modern day “griots”, spoken word artists, mainstream news sources, and academics.


Creation of the term hip hop is often credited to Keith Cowboy, rapper with Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five…It is believed that Cowboy created the term while teasing a friend who had just joined the U.S. Army, by scat singing the words “hip/hop/hip/hop” in a way that mimicked the rhythmic cadence of soldiers marching. Cowboy later worked the “hip hop” cadence into a part of his stage performance, which was quickly used by other artists such as The Sugarhill Gang in “Rapper’s Delight”.

This style of music didn’t go mainstream here in the U.S. until the early 1980’s…

As best as I can tell, here’s the timeline for mainstream rap…

So as far as I can tell, rap/hip-hop has its underground roots in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It’s just so crazy to see a group like Wham! appearing early in the underground development of this genre with the likes of Grandmaster Flash, The Sugerhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, LL Cool J, and Run-D.M.C.


Mashed and Confused

I have always been a fan of music. The last several years I’ve really been into mashups. I have many favorite mashup artists, but recently I have been very impressed with a guy who goes by “Mashed and Confused”.

Some samples…

The Joker One Of Us (Steve Miller Band Vs Gladys Knight & The Pips) by Mashed And Confused

Canned Low (Flo Rida Vs Jamiroquai) by Mashed And Confused

Only Your Heart Of Glass (Blondie Vs The Platters) by Mashed And Confused

2012 in Music

If you’re a stranger to this blog or myself, you may not realize that I love mashups — that is songs that when mashed together create a new and interesting production.

Here are two of the best mashups that incorporate the popular songs of 2012…

First up is the dude who as been producing the premier year-end-mashups for a few years now. DJ Earworm brings us United State of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter):

Second is (a recent find by myself) Dan Kim’s Pop Danthology 2012 – Mashup of 50+ Pop Songs

And if you want to catch up, here’s my Year-End-Mashup playlist from YouTube…