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Jimmy Fallon loves to make Brian Williams rap

Brian Williams is Jimmy Fallon’s favorite rapper

Jimmy Fallon loves to splice NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ host Brian Williams into giving great rap performances. And they are hilarious!

My Faves

07.29.13 – Brian Williams Raps “Good Vibrations”

02.19.14 – Brian Williams Raps “Rapper’s Delight”

06.16.14 – Brian Williams Raps “Baby Got Back” (my personal favorite)

Brian Williams addresses these ‘sketches’ with Jimmy Fallon

04.22.14 – Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping — Part 1

04.22.14 – Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping — Part 2

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The Harlem Shake

I can’t get over a new dance meme. I can’t help but laugh every time I watch one.

What’s the Harlem Shake? This sucker has exploded on You-Tube within days!

Well, it took a lot of research into both music and dance to figure out where it all came from.

The original Harlem Shake was in 1981. It was inspired by a dance in Ethiopia:

The dance requires a lot of shoulder movement (and dancing as if you were a mummy):

Despite its recent surge in popularity, the Harlem Shake, characterized by lots o’ shoulder movement and shaking the upper torso around, is not a new dance craze. The dance was in fact invented over 30 years ago in 1981 by an alcoholic nicknamed “Al B.” The Shake was originally called the Albee after its inventor.

(I wish I could find a copy of the ’81 Albee but so far no luck, but I did find this…)

Later, in 2001 a group named ‘G Dep’ released a video that featured the Albee/Harlem Shake.

In the current era, the Harlem Shake has taken on it’s own meme status after:

1. Baauer (a DJ from New York), created a Trap Remix of the original song.

2. DizastaMusic made a crazy/silly video to the remix:

But the meme took another turn. It stayed with Baauer’s remix, but for only 30 seconds. The new format is this:

  • One person dancing in one spot, often in a helmet
  • Said dancer is in a room of other people involved in a perceived mundane life
  • When the bass drops and the lyrics announce “Do the Harlem Shake”, everything changes…
  • Everyone in the room has now changed costume and doing individually different wacky movements
  • Often there are more people involved in the transition portion
  • The song hits a moment that sounds like a growl and the video often goes into slo-motion then ends

Within days there have been many, many video remixes of the formula. Ready for a tour?

Perhaps the first video to follow the new format was this one:

A Norwegian Army version:

A Club version:

An office version:

Another office version:

A fire-fighter version:

A puppy version:

An underwater version:

A cartoon version:

A Star Wars version:

A finger/puppet version:

A Charlie Brown version:

And the Arrested Development version that your’s truly made:

However, there’s been some resistance:

Starbucks ‘Secret’ Menu is False

It’s taken me a while to address this, but I must. After working at Starbucks for almost 2 years now, I have to tell you there there is no secret menu at Starbucks. Maybe you’ve seen this “secret menu”:

Bogus bogus bogus! Here’s your official Starbucks menu. The only potentially universally recognized drinks not on the menu are the “Red Eye” (brewed coffee with a shot of espresso), the “Black Eye” (brewed coffee with two shots of espresso), and possibly the “Dirty Chai” (a chai latte with a shot of espresso added). I say ‘possibly’ for the Dirty Chai because some people only want one shot of espresso and some want two (sometimes referred to as the “Double Dirty Chai” but not always), but it’s not universal.

To be honest, most of the time if you want ‘extra’ anything, we usually try to quantify just how much extra you want. The most common exception is ‘extra caramel’ sauce where we typically coat the cup with caramel sauce.

Any Starbucks Barista worth their salt will tell you ‘(your size drink) gets x-amount of whatever…how many would you like?’ You can customize your drink any way you want, and we encourage it, but just realize that the best way to customize it is to tell your Barista how many shots or pumps of syrup you desire (BTW, in Starbuckian, a shot refers to espresso, a pump refers to syrup). Starbucks Melody tries her hand at debunking the secret menu and she’s correct.

All this to say if you order something with some name you’ve heard and it’s not on the menu, do not be surprised if your intelligent Barista asks you questions to narrow down the specific recipe for your particular drink.

Unclutter’s Unitasker Wednesday

One site I really enjoy following is It’s a great site to help you get ideas for living a minimalist’s life…something I’m continually perusing. But one of my favorite things the site does is on every Wednesday, they post an item in the category “Unitasker Wednesday“. They always say…

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

They always crack me up. And yes, I hate unitaskers. Alton Brown has taught me well.

Krispy Kreme – The Baddest (Rap)

The Baddest Rapper, Krispy Kreme

This is perhaps ‘the baddest’ rap song I’ve ever heard. LOL!

Need lyrics? Here’s a few samples…

I had to fight my whole life
I could beat you up even if you had one thousand knives
Even if you had infinity knives
I would punch you up into the air like a kite
I bet you sleep with a nightlight
Cause you’re scared of the dark
Cause you stink like a fart
Well I’ll light your fart on fire with my rhymes
I have four hundred cars
I have four hundred scars and four hundred guitars
I have four hundred houses
I have four hundred mouses and four hundred houses
I’m tough as nails
You’re slower than a snail
I beat up every single person in jail
I dare you to try and punch me
My face is so hard you’ll say, “Ouch, you crunched me”

Skippy the Jedi Droid

Did you know that in Star Wars lore, there is a non-canonical back-story about the R5-D4 with the bad motivator that Owen Lars intended to purchase from the Jawas? His name was Skippy and he was a Jedi.

One day, R5 removed his restraining bolt with the Force…Skippy wandered the desert for days in search of his destiny, until finally he was picked up by a Jawa sandcrawler. There he had visions of Darth Vader and Princess Leia, and met R2-D2 and C-3PO. Eventually the Sandcrawler stopped, took all the droids out, and lined them up side by side in front of Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker. Skippy immediately sensed the Force in Luke, and persuaded Owen to choose him. Skippy was ecstatic at the undoubtable destiny that lay before him and Luke.

However, R5 soon envisioned that, without Luke, stormtroopers would come and take R2 back to Vader, where he would be destroyed and Leia would be killed, leading to a chain reaction of horror that will include the Rebellion being destroyed, R2’s memory being wiped after 3PO refuses to translate his ‘rubbish’, and Luke dying on Tatooine without ever fulfilling his destiny. R5 knew what he had to do, and suddenly set off a mild explosion inside himself, leading Luke to believe that he had a busted motivator. Skippy then used the Force on 3PO, telling Luke to buy R2 instead. Owen did so, never knowing the great deed that R5 had just done.