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The ‘old blog’

Since I decided to bring back my personal blog, I’ve been debating what to do with the old stuff. I mean, this blog was active from July 2004 until October of 2009 with over 2700 posts and 3500 comments!

I decided to just leave it alone and pick up right where I left off.

One of the things you’ll notice that is different this time around is that I may not write as much as I used to write. Instead, I’m sharing what others have published more than sharing what I want to publish. I plan to attribute everything I find.

It’s gonna be a bumpy, weird ride, but it still should be fun. At least it will be to me! Ha! So if you want a daily email when I post something new, sign up. I don’t plan to automatically share this stuff on Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere else.

Rob’s Place Relaunched

I took my personal blog offline last week to take care of some hosting and design changes. It’s back up and better than ever! Stop by and check it out. It’s built on the great Thesis Theme with minimal customizations.

One feature you may not notice for a while is that the photo on the top of the sidebar is one of a dozen of some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. Refresh the page or visit a new one and you should get a new pic.


Introducing the Orangejack Facebook Page

Fans of the Orangejack Facebook Page can utilize the Discussion Board – I’m really wanting to experiment with this as an extension of the Orangejack Network of Websites (TM). Though I’ve had plenty of experience participating and running discussion board forums, I’ve never had one for Orangejack.

I’d like for this entire Facebook presence to be all about using the Internet better so the discussion board can be used by you to ask questions, share interesting insights, and answer other people’s questions.

via Facebook Page | Orangejack LLC.

Shopping at the Orangejack Mall

I’ll try and highlight this again later, but wanted to let you know I’ve been working hard on the Orangejack Mall and feel like we’ve got some great resources and ideas for online shopping.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Two things I’ll point out right now is I have a “Rob’s Recommended” store on Amazon that has books, DVDs, and other stuff that I have personally selected and encourage you to check out.  The other is a store that Patricia made on Etsy selling some homemade jewelry.  It’s really good stuff.  You can get to all of that from the mall.  

Oh, and I made the address of the mall easy to remember:

See you there!

Orangejack Mall Reopened

I revamed the Orangejack Mall.  Please go check it out.  I think it’s much more useful now.  A few stores we’re featuring:

Please stop by.  I hope to add a few more resources and relevant stores in the future.

If you would also be so kind to also give the mall a positive rating at the top of the page I’d really appreciate it.

PS. If you’re going to buy anything on Amazon this holiday season, would you consider doing it through our Amazon store (you can search for anything through it – we’ll get a very small holiday bonus (like 4% or something)?  Thanks.