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The 4 Independent Olympic Athletes

Perhaps you were watching the Olympic ‘Parade of Nations’ when three of the four “Independent Olympic Athletes” entered the arena. They are:

  1. Liemarvin Bonevacia formerly of Netherlands Antilles competing in the Men’s 400 Meter run
  2. Reginald de Windt formerly of Netherlands Antilles competing in the Men’s 81-kg Judo
  3. Philipine van Aanholt formerly of Netherlands Antilles competing in sailing’s Laser Radial competition
  4. Guor Marial (also) of South Sudan competing in the Men’s marathon (not pictured above)

You see, in 2010, the Netherlands Antilles dissolved. It used to be an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands that included the two Leeward Antilles island groups in the Caribbean: the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao near Venezuela and the SSS islands of Saint Maarten, Saba, and Saint Eustatius near the Virgin Islands. Bonevacia, de Windt, and van Aanholt are all from Curaçao and since that country is not currently recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), they were given permission to compete as independents.

Additionally, in 2011, South Sudan became independent from Sudan. Marial was born in what is now South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, but was then Sudan. He became a refugee of the Sudanese conflict in 1993 when he was only nine years old, as he fled across border after border fleeing the violence. Marial was granted asylum in the U.S. in 2001, and is a permanent resident here. He was given permission to compete for Sudan but he responded: “Never! For me to even consider that is a betrayal. My family lost 28 members in the war with Sudan. Millions of my people were killed by Sudan forces. I can only forgive, but I cannot honor and glorify a country that killed my people.”

Join me in wishing these 4 superb athletes luck as they compete in the London 2012 Summer Olympics!

Helpful Fans

German fans use arrows to show scoring-impaired team where goal is

Sitting at the bottom of the Regionalliga Nord — the fourth tier of German football — Magdeburg have given their fans a collective headache this season. But as the three-time East German champions try to avoid relegation, their fans have employed a system to help them get out of their recent five-match scoring drought.

During a match against Berliner AK 07, a group of fans stood behind the visiting team’s goal, each with a large, brightly colored arrow pointing to the net so their team would know where to shoot. And just to clarify their intentions, another group of fans held up a banner that read, “We’ll show you where the goal is!”

Though the all that work did result in Magdeburg finally scoring a goal, they went on to lose the match 2-1. Next time maybe they should have everyone behind their own net hold up stop signs.

Lane Kiffen and Clemson

I’m not anti-Bowden, but I’m not satisfied with Clemson football right now.  I think it’s time for a change.  But who?

What about Lane Kiffen?  He’s unemployed and I think he got a raw deal from Al Davis.  I think he’s a better coach than what Raider Nation believes.

I could see him fit at Clemson.

ACC Out of Conference so far

The ACC is not impressive so far this year.  Look at how they’ve handled out of conference games after just 2 weeks:

ACC Defeated

  • Kent State
  • The Citadel
  • Delaware
  • William & Mary
  • Baylor
  • Old Miss
  • James Madison
  • Jacksonville State
  • Charleston Southern
  • McNeese State
  • Western Carolina
  • Richmond
  • Furman

ACC Lost to:

  • Alabama
  • Middle Tennessee State
  • South Carolina
  • Northwestern
  • Florida
  • Southern Cal
  • East Carolina

Let’s just say there really isn’t anyone too big in the first list (at least Old Miss is a SEC team though), and the second list is full of teams that the ACC needs to beat to be competitive – especially MidTenState!  Sure one could argue that the ACC beat (mostly) who they should beat and lost (mostly) to who the should lose to.  But I won’t.

Next Olympic Cities

I loved the Beijing Olympics.  I just love the Olympics!  So I started looking into what the future schedule is.

2010 Winter Olympics – Vancouver, Canada, Feb 12-28, 2010

2012 Summer Olympics – London, England, July 27-Aug 12, 2012

2014 Winter Olympics – Sochi, Russia, Feb 7-23, 2014

2016 Summer Olymics – TBA on October 2, 2009 (b/w Chicago, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Madrid)

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, Carmello AnthonyI’m not a fan of Kobe Bryant. Never really have been.

But I was impressed by his reaction and celebration after the US Basketball “Redeem Team” won gold.

He didn’t act like a superstar. He didn’t act like he deserved it.

He really looked excited and genuinely happy. He looked like an Olympian.

I know he wasn’t the only one who reacted that way, but I noticed Kobe. He was smiling big. Singing the National Anthem.

Good job Team USA! Way to bring the gold back home.