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Panthera, Orange Dutch, and Fantasy Football

The League
The 2008 East Coast Football Club (ECFC) live draft was today.  Below is my new team’s roster.  A few changes this year to the league to the roster:

I think this should make for a much more interesting and active season.  Shortening the bench and limiting the required starters should be fun.  In short, it’s more like a real team: 1 each of the 4 specialty positions + 2 extra specialty players to lineup wherever you want.

Anyway, that was the big change to the league rules.  Still sticking with 1 pt/20 yards passing, 1 pt/10 yards rushing, 1 pt/reception.

Team Name & Logo
I’ve also changed my team name and logo again.  It’s honestly one of the more fun and creative thing I try to do each year.  This year my team name is Panthera.  My logo is above – the orange lion.  If you’re not familiar with where these come from, the lion is borrowed from the South Holland Provencal flag.  The orange isn’t unusual in the Netherlands because the nation was ‘founded’ by William of Orange who defended the protestant Dutch nation against the Spanish Catholics (who eventually assassinated him) in the 1500’s.  The current Dutch Royal Family has almost always been from the House of Orange-Nassau.  All that to say, the Dutch like orange.

The name, Panthera, is actually not an actual animal or thing.  It’s a group of animals.  A genus of big cats.  There are only 4 animals in the genus Panthera: the Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, and Leopard.  They are also the only cats that can roar (bet you didn’t realize that, did you?).  So my team aren’t just tigers or jaguars or lions or leopards, we are a combination of all the big cats!  Roar!

(yes, I like to put a little thought and research to my team names)

The Draft
I was fortunate to get the first pick in this year’s draft.  I always go for a RB first, but this year I was seriously thinking about taking Brady in round 1.  But as you can see below, I didn’t.

Panthera 2008 Draft Roster
QB: Tony Romo
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
WR: Anquan Bolden
TE: Jeremy Shockey
PK: Nate Keading
DE: Redskins
FLEX: Brandon Jacobs, Laveranues Coles
Bench: Matt Schaub, Selvin Young, Kevin Curtis, Ted Ginn, Ben Watson

So how did I do?

Pyroclastic Draft Results

pyroclastic25.08.07::Orlando, Florida – Coach Williams took his new look team into today’s draft optimistically. It’s not just a new roster for Coach Williams, but also a new name and logo.

Last month, the coach officially announced the team name and logo changed. The Orlando Bullsharks are now extinct in the East Coast Football Club.

Coach Williams also dropped the traditional two-named team format to go with just one. The new team is Pyroclastic.

Named for the unbelievable destructive forces during a volcanic eruption, Coach believes his 2007 Pyroclastic team will be fast, hot, a bit gassy, and very destructive.

Though the logo shows a lava breech, pyroclastic flows don’t make for the best logos. They are just too damaging to be iconified.

Following is the new roster for Pyroclastic:

QB : Eli Manning
QB : Matt Schaub
RB : Steven Jackson
RB : Willis McGahee
RB : Brandon Jacobs
RB : Fred Taylor
WR : Larry Fitzgerald
WR : Lee Evans
WR : Santana Moss
WR : Brandon Jones
TE : Kellen Winslow Jr
TE : Marcus Pollard
PK : Josh Brown
DE : Carolina Panthers
DE : Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Teams start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB-WR-TE Flex, 1 PK, and 1 DE.

College Bowl Pick ‘Em

I just signed up for the College Bowl Pick ‘Em, and I’m inviting you to start a team and play against me!

I’ve set up a private “buddies” page to track our team’s performance against each other, and against the rest of my “buddies” group.

To join my group, please click on this link. The College Bowl Pick ‘Em is really easy to play, and you can invite a bunch of people to play too!

orlando bullsharks break even

Orlando BullsharksI started the season strong, but had a couple of bad weeks.

This week I got it back together and got the win.

06 Orlando Bullsh^rks (2-2/1-2)

01 @ Da Bears : 131-111 (W)
02 @ Bonsack Freak Dawgs : 109-116 (L)
03 v Raleigh Ronions : 91-91 (L)
04 v Cincinnati Blue Darters : 127-107 (W)

Next up: 05 v Beach Bums

my fantasy league getting some press

A couple of weeks ago, Josh Robbins, Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer emailed me. He did a Google search for “fantasy football orlando” and found this site. He told me he wanted to do a story on if and how fantasy football effects the workplace. So I hooked Josh up with others in the league.

Today the article ran as the Sunday Showcase: Devotion is needed with fantasy football — and so is control. The non-printed two-pager starts here.

In talking about our new league blog, I did get some props:

On Aug. 16, Commissioner Rob Williams, a 35-year-old Internet consultant for Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, notified everybody else that his team’s name has changed from the Orlando Chupacabras to the Orlando Bullsharks.

He posted the entry at 7:21 a.m.

Before work.

what do you do when your mom calls?

I just had to pull this story from our league blog to share with you. It’s my true story. Sigh.

Mom Called

What do you do during the live draft to keep from being interrupted?

I had our draft date and time on my wife’s calendar for months. Nothing was going to get in the way of this draft. Nothing! Not even…

So the draft started at noon. At 12:01 the phone rang. Seriously, I double-checked the caller ID. I heard my wife pick up the phone. I’m watching the draft clock to see who is the #1 pick of the draft. I hear my wife say, “Hello, Olivia!”

Yup. My mom called at 12:01 on draft day.

What did I do? What would you do?

I got up, ran to the den, looked at my wife and motioned to her violently, “No! I can’t talk!” and ran back to my computer.

I may not be the best son, but I did get Steven Jackson and Ronnie Brown at the 12th and 13th pick overall.

Sorry mom.


draftday, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Well we just finished our live draft. Whew! I think I did alright. I picked 12th out of 12. But I don’t think it was that bad. Here’s my team. What do you think?

QB: Philip Rivers
RB: Steven Jackson
RB: Ronnie Brown
WR: Hines Ward
WR: Laveranues Coles
FLEX: Warrick Dunn
K: Josh Brown
DE: Vikings
BENCH: Kevin Jones, Todd Heap, Keyshawn Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, Troy Williamson, Matt Leinart

I feel good. I got 4 of my top 20.

Oh yeah, did you know we have a fantasy football league blog now? I made a motivational poster just for draft day.

UPDATE: Paul posted the full draft results if you’re interested.

orlando’s new menace

June 22, 2006 :: Orlando, Florida :: From the Office of Coach Williams

Today, Coach Williams is making the official announcement that the team name has been sold…again. Williams coached the Orlando Chupacabras last season but has worked out a deal so that Williams no longer retains the rights to the mascot “Chupacabras”. Details for the deal are undisclosed.

Additionally, Coach Williams unveiled a new mascot and logo today. Much speculation has been swirling for weeks as to what direction the marketing team would go with their 2006 name. After many different proposals were presented to Coach Williams, the decision was reached yesterday with the official announcement today.

Orlando BullsharksFor the 2006 fantasy football season, Coach Williams will now be the head coach for the Orlando Bullsharks.

“Bullsharks are dangerous. They are found in both oceans and rivers. There are only three sharks that actually attack and kill people: tiger sharks, great white sharks, and bull sharks. Here in Florida, it’s all bull sharks,” Coach Williams said at the press conference early this morning.

When asked why the name was one word instead of the proper two words, the chief marketing director for the organization simply said, “it is what it is”, much to the obvious chagrin of the coach.

Nevertheless, the Bullsharks will begin their mini-camp next week in Trinidad. “I want the organization to have a feel for a more tropical environment if they are to understand what the Bullsharks are all about,” Coach Williams said.

League play begins September 7.

it’s time for fantasy football

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Fantasy Football.

This year I’ll be commish for the East Coast Football Club again. It’s funny, we call ourselves “East Coast” but we have a guy in Memphis, Little Rock, and Budapest.

Oh well.

Our motto is: “July, August, and Football are our favorite months”

And I’m excited because CBS Sportsline has opened up the 2006 season so it’s time to get ready to play again!

Sorry Patricia.

2006 ECFC Logo, originally uploaded by orangejack.

ecfc champion wasn’t me

superbowl trophyWell the fantasy football league I run, the East Coast Football Club (ECFC) is now over. I can finally get back to watching football for what is was meant to be: a team sport.

But because I know you care how my Orlando Chupacabras did, I’ll let you know. I finished 9-7 and dominated my division (was 6-1 in it and wish I could have played them all year long!). That’s what got me into the Super Bowl bracket…and that alone. I finished 9 out of 12 in the power rankings. But I won the Super Bowl Consolation Game (I lost in the first round and won the second).

If you care to read, you can see how some of the ECFC guys did as several guys have blogs. Arkansas Hairballs, Budapest Brawlers, and Mudslingin’Dirt Dawgs all have posted already. Time will tell if Rev. Bill (UPDATE: Rev. Bill posted) and The Stormtroopers do also.

Here’s the official proclamation for the winner.

Dec. 27, 2005 :: ORLANDO, FL :: ECFC Headquarters


From the Desk of Commish Rob of the East Coast Football Club to Coach McCurry of the Memphis Mojo:

It is with happiness and regret that I reward Coach McCurry of the Memphis Mojo the coveted Super Bowl Championship Trophy for the 2005 ECFC season. I am happy such a deserving coach won this year. My only regret is it wasn’t me.

You’ve done a fine job this year. You finished with a perfect 36 in the Power Rankings, but most importantly, went on a two-game win streak after getting to the Super Bowl Bracket.

Well done, Coach McCurry.

And to everyone else, thanks for a great season. It’s never been this close before. Well done coaches.

Signed this day, the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month of the two thousand and fifth year of the year of our Lord,

The Venerable Commish Rob

And here are the ECFC 2005 Final Results:

  1. Super Bowl Champion: Memphis Mojo
  2. Super Bowl Runner Up: Hellions
  3. Super Bowl Consolation Champion: Orlando Chupacabras
  4. Super Bowl Consolation Runner Up: Arkansas Hairballs
  5. Mediocre Champion: Oviedo Blue Darters
  6. Mediocre Runner Up: Your Mama
  7. Mediocre Consolation Champion: The Stormtroopers
  8. Mediocre Consolation Runner Up: Celtic Conundrum
  9. Toilet Bowl Champion: MudSlingin’ Dirt Dawgs
  10. Toilet Bowl Runner Up: Rev Bill
  11. Toilet Bowl Consolation Champion: Budapest Brawlers
  12. Toilet Bowl Consolation Runner Up: Beach Bums