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My followers on Twitter: Ignore, block, or #unfollowfriday?

I need some help with this.  I can’t figure out what all the hubbub is all about.

Twitter can be used for one-way and multi-way communication/conversation.  You can talk publicly to everyone  or privately to someone.  Some of the rules for how you can communicate are determined by who you follow and who is following you.

When someone decides to follow me, I have a couple of choices in how to respond:

  • I could follow them back so we are mutually following each other (both my following and follower count are now +1)
  • I can ignore them so they follow me and I don’t follow back (my following count remains unchanged, my followers are +1)
  • I can block them so that they will not get my updates (neither my following or follower counts change)

Regardless of the relationships anyone can talk to or about someone publicly using @username. However, only mutually followed people can talk privately using direct messaging (dm).

This is what I can’t figure out: why block anyone?  

I’ve only heard rumor (not first-hand) that it keeps them from communicating directly with me with either @ or dm. Not allowing dm is a given because we’re not following each other. But does this mean they can’t even use @myusername ever in a tweet? Does twitter look at blocked profiles and do something about it?

I’m asking because it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to block anyone.  Even if they are a spammer, so what?  They can listen to me but I don’t listen to them.

The same goes with a semi-popular event on Friday’s called Unfollow Friday where people encourage those that are following them to stop following them using #unfollowfriday.  I don’t get it (I do understand it’s a silly game for wome). If you’re not following someone following you, all that means is they can’t send you a direct message. If they stop following you, the only thing that changes is your followers stat by -1.  So?  Ironically, as I’ve seen this go on for a while, many times the criteria to ask someone to unfollow you is because the asker doesn’t like that the follower focuses on their twitter ranking and/or stats, yet the only practical change to an unfollow is stats.  The other occasion I see this used is to try and ‘gang up’ on someone like a celebrity and encourage people to unfollow just to get the celeb’s numbers down.  

Regardless, the bottom line question for me is why worry about who follows you?  From a stats perspective, it effets the follow/following ratio (which I don’t think is as important as it used to be). From a communications perspective, not following back keeps them from privately messaging you. 

So help me out, why worry about who’s following you?

Restarting My Tumble Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve put my Tumblr blog to use, so I dusted it off today and renamed it tumbling happily:

Life can be random so I happily tumble its reflections by hand-selecting the crazies and the interestings from ALL of the internets

** Now auto-feed-free **

Have fun, boys and girls.

Ben’s #LOST lists

Remember when we were introduced to Ben and the Others when they saw Oceanic 815 crash? I think it was the beginning of Season 3? Anyway, Ben wanted to get lists of the survivors. I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied with the reason he did it (to find who’s good and bad).

But I just had an idea — with all this crazy time travel, what if Ben remembered the names of some of the people he met as a kid in Dharma and the purpose of the lists was to see if he recognized the names?

That would be funky – that all his life on Island LOST he carried with him the names of folks he met as a kid whom he knew were ‘different’ somehow because they were the time-skippers! So when the plane crashed, he got names, checked the list, then made his plans.

Well, it’s a thought anyway.

Questions about giving up cable

line2 on FlickrWell, looks like we’re going to pull the plug on cable TV. Real bummer.

It’s actually not the cable that I’ll miss, it’s the DVR. That thing has changed the way we watch TV. We go to the DVR play list before the TV guide. We watch what we want when we want. We catch all the shows we like but at the time we want to see them.

So I’ve been looking at my options and have questions. That’s why I’m turning to you, my internets connections, instead of the google.

Keep in mind that the motivation here is to save money, not spend more.

We can go down to basic cable (networks + a few extras = 20 channels) for about $20/mth. But if we go to those channels, there’s not much more we’d watch so I’m wondering why even pay the $20 and not go all free? But then where does that digital box come in? Do I have to get that? If so, where and how much? 

I guess my ultimate question is: if I want to save the most money and watch network TV, what is my best option? My guess is it’s between paying for basic cable or getting a digital box.

Appreciate your help.

And yes, we’ll be turning to online TV like,, and (unless someone can suggest something better that is streaming, not downloading).

UPDATE: We’re on the wait list for gov’t coupon so we’re not buying the converter yet. We’re looking at the Zenith DTT901 Digital TV Tuner Converter Box and the Antennas Direct DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna.  Thoughts?

photo source: Flickr photo Line2 by marekkosmal

Downloaded Tax Software is Better

Interesting. I put together a post to help you purchase TurboTax from Amazon – including the more convenient and less expensive downloads. Today I found out that Amazon now has a Tax Software Download page.

If you’re going to buy TurboTax anyway, would you consider purchasing it through my affiliate links? Remember, you still pay the same price as you would if you didn’t get it through me. However, I get a small percentage if you do. You’re going to pay that little bit either to Amazon or to me through my Amazon link. So would you consider getting it through my links? Thanks.

Favor: Purchase TurboTax Here

I’d like to ask a favor — if you plan on doing your taxes yourself using Turbo Tax, would you consider purchasing it through my affiliate links? Just being straight up.

You still pay the same price as you would if you didn’t get it through me. However, I get a small percentage if you do. You’re going to pay that little bit either to Amazon or to me through my links. So would you consider getting it through my links?

It’s already cheaper on Amazon than in the local stores (I’ve been checking weekly) and you can save even more by downloading the software instead of getting the CD-ROM.

I’ve placed links in my Amazon Store (check the ‘extra’ page). They are also available in the Tax Store of the Orangejack Mall. Or chose from the options below.

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Last Minute Christmas Gift

Kevin reminded me that I reminded him that a great last minute Christmas gift is an Amazon Gift Card.  The reason is because you can email or print and give the card to someone.  Of course it comes in all sizes and you can get just about anything at Amazon.

1) E-mail a personalized gift card for immediate delivery.
2) Print a personalized gift card on your own printer. (Remember to have your credit card handy when you’re ready to print).
3) Mail a personalized gift card (shipping is free, of course). Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.
4) Order a Gift Card with your other purchases in your shopping cart.

You can also check out the Orangejack Mall for other great shops and online shopping resources.