Best of Katy Perry Mashups

Katy PerryYou may or may not know that I recently went back to school to¬†obtaine a certificate and another degree. But I digress…

While there a female student grabbed my iPad and started looking through my iTunes. She found a title named “Katy Perry – ET” and questioned my heterosexual male status (to this day I assume it was a joke, but I assume). That is until she found out it was a Dubstep remix/mashup. All of a sudden I wasn’t ‘weird’ but instead ‘cool’.

To this day I don’t fully get it, but I’m also twice her age so I chalk it up to either maturity or old-foggie-ness. Either way, I don’t care. I tend to like Ms. Perry no matter how she’s (re)mixed. I like what I like and I don’t care what you think! Because back in my day, we … (aw dagnabit!)

Below are some of my favorite KT mashups/remixes starting with my sexually orientated questioning remix that turns out to be one of my favorites anyway. Harumph! (oh I’m so old…I said ‘harumph’…but just wait for the drop before you judge me…)

Katy Perry – E.T. (KATFYR Dubstep Remix)

ILLifornia Gurls by dannhan

Katy Perry vs Lenny Kravitz – Wide Away by Flashard

Katy Perry vs. MIA – PaperRoar by lobsterdust

Tik Tok Gurls (Tik Tok – California Gurls Mashup) by Vitor Guastala

But my favorite? This.

Right Back to the One That Got Away (Katy Perry vs. Maxine Nightingale) by Tonight’s Mashup (DJ TM)

Extra Credit